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What is polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a transparent amorphous polymer which exhibits outstanding physical properties such as outstanding impact resistance (almost unbreakable), heat resistance up to 120°C and excellent clarity. Polycarbonate is often used to replace glass or metal in demanding applications when the temperature does not exceed 120°C. Polycarbonate is commonly known for its use in safety eyewear and lenses, sporting helmets/masks, police riot gear and bullet-resistant windows in cars to cockpit canopy of the F-22 Raptor jet fighter to high quality and design drinking glasses. Polycarbonate has a long and durable lifespan.

Does DuraVidro Polycarbonate glassware match the EU food legislation?

Yes they do. All DuraVidro products is tested by the independent laboratory and complies with all the European Standard guidelines for use with food and beverages. See our test results under ANALYSES

Why use DuraVidro polycarbonate glassware as opposed to regular glassware?

DuraVidro Polycarbonate glassware looks and feel like the real glass. We use the highest grade of Polycarbonate to ensure the best feel, style and design to real glass equivalents.
our polycarbonate glassware provide a safe environment for both staff and customers alike.
DuraVidro polycarbonate glassware is ideal for the hospitality industry, public venues, sports clubs, outdoor areas, canteens, pool-side restaurants, night clubs and personal use. Using DuraVidro Polycarbonate glassware will ensure less wear and tear on floor and furniture as broken glass will not be trodden into the carpet/ floor and eliminate damages to furniture.

What are the benefits to using polycarbonate as opposed to using tempered or toughened glass?

Toughened or tempered glass is generally less clear or transparent than polycarbonate and it crumbles rather than being a shatterproof material like polycarbonate. Polycarbonate glasses are considerably more cost effective and will also have a longer lifespan.

Is there unlimited life span of DuraVidro Polycarbonate glasses?

No unfortunately not. The products will, over time, get worn and scratched. Unbreakable glasses don’t last forever, but they last minimum 5-20 times longer than ordinary glasses, depending on what environment they are used in.

What is the difference between polycarbonate and other plastics?

Polycarbonate is one of the strongest polymers in production, when designed correctly it is unbreakable not like acrylic and SAN. acrylic and SAN are not dishwasher safe, but polycarbonate is. Melamine is not microwave safe and polycarbonate is safe up to 120 degree Celsius. 

Is polycarbonate recyclable?

yes, polycarbonate is reusable and recyclable.

What creates the best cleaning result?

If you want the best treatment for your DuraVidro products, we recommend that you use our Proton dishwashing products. Proton specializes in the supply of high technology, cost effective and innovative cleaning and disinfection dishwashing products.
For more information, see our page about maintaining your DuraVidro glassware - TIPS & TRICKS.

Do polycarbonate glasses get scratched?

Polycarbonate glasses have a high resistance to scratches although over time you will begin to see normal wear and tear as you would with real glassware. Unlike real glasses if you drop polycarbonate glasses they will not break, but may show damage such as scratches when hit or dropped on to rough or hard surfaces.

Can the polycarbonate glasses be placed in the refrigerator or freezer?

yes, the polycarbonate glasses are safe to chill in freezers and refrigerators in preparation for service. By chilling the DuraVidro glasses before use, it will also keep the content colder for a longer time.

How much can I save?

This is of course individually, depending on what type of product you choose and how often you choose to change your glasses. Most of our costumers though experience that their total cost for glasses is getting reduced by 50-70%.

I would like my own logo on the product, is that possible?

yes of course it is. Read more under CUSTOM PRINT.  Contact us and we will gladly inform you more about the many possibilities.

Do DuraVidro sell directly to private people?

No, unfortunately not at this point. However, please contact us for more information on info@duravidro.com

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