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About Duravidro

DuraVidro is a leading distributor to the Hospitality Industry in Portugal and Spain, supported by a network of suppliers. 

DuraVidro’s extensive product range includes categories of Tableware, Cutlery, Glassware, Plastic & Food Service Equipment to help bring individuality to any venue.

DuraVidro has from the very beginning been focused on providing a safer alternative to regular glassware whenever a venue or an outlet is serving their guests outside, being by the pool, beach, outdoor restaurant/lounge area, stadiums and many more.

The Polycarbonate glassware is also a safer choice for your staff as the reduced weight improves your staffs working environment and they spend more time on your customers instead of sweeping up broken glass from the floor.

DuraVidro are constantly looking into new trends to ensure our clients the best and latest. Our partners are carefully selected and among the best manufactures of tableware. We offer practical and durable solutions without compromising on quality. A comprehensive range of Hard Porcelain Hotel tableware has been created to cover all aspects of the market from dining through to service and oven to tableware.

DuraVidro’s full range of crystal and regular stemware covers all uses from wine tasting and fine dining to high volume banqueting. Each piece has ben developed specifically for the Hospitality market, offering functionality without sacrificing style or value. Drinking wine is a true multi-sense experience involving sight, smell and taste. The ideal glass is absolutely clear and fine so the wine is clearly visible so that all of its nuances can be seen.

DuraVidro is with One-Stop-Shop concept able to bring the most comprehensive collections to the market and provide outstanding customer service throughout all aspects of our business.

It all comes together @ DuraVidro.com

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