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7 Good reasons to change to DURAVIDRO Polycarbonate glassware

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  1. Can DuraVidro Polycarbonate glassware provide monetary benefits? Yes
    • By providing virtually unbreakable glassware, the large ongoing cost of breakages is eliminated. Recent studies in the UK have shown that bars on average break 25% of their glassware per month.
    • Staff will be more productive by reducing the time spent cleaning up broken glass throughout the night.
    • Less wear & tear on furniture and flooring.
    • Clean-up time at the end of the evening will be drastically reduced as staff can clear away more glasses at the time.
    • Venues will see a reduction in the number of personal accident/injury claims submitted resulting in a decrease in administration for the bar manager. This also counts for injures on staff.
    • DuraVidro glassware provides hospitality industry standard sizes and most glasses also has a mark line, eliminating the chance of over pouring.
  2. What are the benefits for the customer?
    • Polycarbonate glassware keeps liquid cooler for longer because it doesn’t conduct heat as much as standard glassware.
    • There is no danger of chipped or broken glass in customers drinks.
    • No chance of accident/injures such as cuts from broken glass.
  3. How does polycarbonate effect the environment?
    • DuraVidro Polycarbonate glassware has a far smaller environmental footprint than either glass or older single-use disposable plastics; They have a long useful life, are 100% recyclable, and require only 10% of the manufacturing energy of glass.
  4. Why use polycarbonate glassware over standard plastic?
    • Polycarbonate is far more temperature and impact resistant than standard plastic  glassware.
    • If a standard plastic drinking glass is dropped, it will most likely chip or crack. This is not the case with polycarbonate glassware.
    • DuraVidro Polycarbonate glassware is superior in quality to standard plastic and is also more aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Does DuraVidro polycarbonate glassware look & feel like glass?
    • DuraVidro Polycarbonate glassware looks exactly like regular glass because most of our designs and moulds are hospitality industry standard. However, as it is a top of the line unbreakable form of plastic, without liquid in them they are slightly lighter than standard glass.
  6. Does polycarbonate last longer than glass? Yes.
    • Polycarbonate and traditional glassware have comparable lifetimes, however, polycarbonate will fully live out its useful life because when dropped, it will not break.
  7. Why not use toughened glass instead of polycarbonate?
    • The difference between toughened and non-toughened glass, is the way in which it breaks. Toughened glass when broken shatters into hundreds of tiny pieces, while traditional glass leaves large and potentially dangerous shards...
    • The difference between toughened glassware and polycarbonate glassware is that polycarbonate does not break.

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